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Costs of Membership


Each chapter collects chapter dues from every member. Some organizations, particularly national organizations, also have a one-time initiation fee, plus termly or yearly national dues. Some chapters may also charge parlor fees which are an additional fee for the members who do not live in the house but use the facilities regularly.

During recruitment, each student should ask about specific chapter fees. Fees vary from chapter to chapter and whether the member lives in the house. Dues range from $50 to over $500 per term depending upon the chapter. The chapter treasurer can give you specific information. Chapters may also charge social dues, this is not something that is charged through college billing. Each individual undergraduate treasurer can explain how their dues system works.


Rent in college-owned Greek houses is the same as current residence hall fees. Rent in college-owned apartments is also the same as the cost of living in a non-Greek residence hall apartment on campus. Privately-owned Greek house rent must be no less than 85% of the current college residence hall fees, however private houses may charge more if they wish. There may also be extra fees for cable TV, single rooms, parking etc as in any rental housing arrangement. Please discuss all fees and charges with the chapter treasurer or alumni/ae advisor before you make any decisions. 

Financial Aid

Students who receive financial aid are asked to meet with their Financial Aid Counselor to review their individual situation and options.  Financial aid cannot be applied to any dues payments. If you are in need of house financial aid or scholarships to reduce your dues please speak to the chapter treasurer or chapter alumni/ae advisor to ask if they may provide any assistance, either full or partial. 

Panhellenic Council Sorority Dues

Please see here for a list of current Panhellenic Council Sorority Dues as of Fall 2013

Last Updated: 9/19/13