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Greek Leadership Council (GLC)

The Greek Leadership Council, hereafter referred to as the GLC, exists first and foremost to serve the needs and interests of the students affiliated with Greek Letter Organizations and any open societies recognized by the five Sub-Councils. In recognition that the students affiliated with Greek life exist within a larger Dartmouth community and in recognition of the central role that the Greek community plays in campus social life, the GLC serves as a hub of campus-wide leadership in addition to Greek leadership.

The GLC works closely with the five Greek Sub-Councils – the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, the Gender-Inclusive Greek Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations – and directly with the Presidents of all recognized Greek organizations on campus.

 The GLC is dedicated to the following principles, which transcend the differences between the Sub-Councils and individual organizations:

    • Maintaining the Integrity of the Greek Community: The GLC identifies any large gaps in the culture of Dartmouth’s Greek community and addresses them to maintain standards of civic, academic, personal, and community excellence.
    • Greek Unity: The GLC strives to support each organization and governing Sub-Council in their own needs, but also helps individuals see their place in the larger community by encouraging co-sponsorship of events, overseeing Greek-wide policies and facilitating constructive working relationships between the governing Sub-Councils.
    • The GLC is an organizational body that encourages and supports its constituents in their pursuit of academic success, leadership development, and flourishing in social environments. The GLC promotes individual and group responsibility and accountability to achieve these ends.
    • Betterment of the Community: The GLC supports any and all initiatives and projects which serve the Dartmouth community and the Upper Valley by developing its infrastructure, benefiting its members, or positively changing its social climate.
    • Successful Prolongation of the Greek Community: The GLC seeks to see both its member organizations and the entire Greek community survive and thrive, and to proactively address or prevent situations which may endanger that success.

The GLC works as an embodiment of combined attitudes and efforts to foster the Greek Life experience in every facet possible, for as many students as possible, in the best ways possible.

GLC Constitution

GLC Policies

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GLC Funding

To apply for GLC funding please use this template. Please complete all fields and send to Evan Meisler '15

Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2015 Executive Board

GLC Moderator Alistair Glover
GLC Vice Chair Gabriel Lopez Low
GLC Treasurer    Evan Meisler
Public Relations Chair Katherine Fox
Programming Chair Hillary Purcell
Accountability Chair  Sarah Lucas
Gender-Inclusive Greek Council President  Matthew Digman
Panhellenic President Rachel Funk
IFC President Wilson Chockley
NALFO President Adria Brown
NPHC President Jordan Are'

Seals of the Member Chapters

Last Updated: 1/27/15