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Coed Council

The Coed Council at Dartmouth oversees and supports its three chapters in their efforts to promote leadership, scholarship and sibling-hood.  We, as a council, and as a group also strive to provide open and accepting spaces for all members of the Dartmouth Community. 

Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 Officers

President: Abby Bard '14
Treasurer: Victoria Fox '15
VP: Becky Kimball '14


Chapter Name   Year Established Spring '13 GPA  2013 GLOS Awards
Alpha Theta Local 1921 as Theta Chi 
3.450 Service Trophy
Local website Privately owned house
Phi Tau Local 1905 as Phi Sigma Kappa 3.571

Scholarship Trophy, highest GPA. Margaret Flanagan won the Arts All-star Award and President, Pavel Bacovsky won a Kaiser Award, given to students who have most exemplified the ideals and principles of Dartmouth College.

Local website Privately owned house
The Tabard Local 1857 as Phi Zeta Mu 3.127 Most Improved Grade Point Average Trophy
Local website Privately owned house

Last Updated: 8/20/13