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Arrival Information

Most incoming students choose to participate in a Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trip before Orientation begins.

  • More information about registration for the Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trips program will be available in early June. In the meantime, please visit their website:

It is not possible to choose your Trip dates; students will be assigned to a Trip section based on their availability, activity preferences and other factors. Depending on which Trip a student is assigned and the date the Trip returns to campus, arrival dates and access to residence hall rooms may vary.

Families are strongly encouraged to wait to make final travel plans until the summer when Trips assignments are released.

FALL VARSITY ATHLETES: You will receive information about arrival and practice dates from your coaches.

ALL STUDENTS: If you have not arrived on campus before then, you should arrive in time to join your classmates at New Student Orientation activities beginning late in the afternoon on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Last Updated: 5/19/14