Mentees may be any Dartmouth undergraduate looking for support from or connection to Dartmouth’s LGBTQ community. Mentees are entirely in charge of the nature of their role in the program and may join Outreach whether openly identifying as LGBTQ or seeking confidential support while questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Each mentee is paired with a specific mentor, who serves as a primary source of contact and support. In addition, mentees can seek support and connection with the entire mentor class. Mentees work with their mentors to identify personal, academic, and professional goals, receiving support and resources from their mentor to help achieve these goals. The mentorship model disfavors a didactic approach, instead emphasizing goal-setting, self-integration, identity exploration, and physical/mental wellness.

Mentees are also welcome to participate in community-building events with the entire Dartmouth LGBTQ community and are provided additional opportunities for mentorship, networking, and connection with LGBTQ graduate students, faculty and staff, and alums.

All Dartmouth undergraduate students are eligible to sign up for a mentor. Please complete the application at the following link:

Mentee Application – Spring, 2014

Mentor pairings for Spring 2014 term will be announced soon.