About Outreach

Outreach Peer Mentors trains current Dartmouth students as mentors to provide peer-to-peer mentoring in developing a positive LGBTQ identity while successfully adapting to life at Dartmouth.┬áThe program is designed┬áto help students explore their personal interests, take advantage of campus resources, and find their own sense of community and self-identity. In addition, Outreach looks to build community throughout the entirety of Dartmouth, providing opportunities for connection between the undergraduate college and Dartmouth’s graduate schools, faculty and staff, and vast network of alums.

Mentee applications are accepted from all class years, while mentors are restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Mentors provide support to their mentees by ensuring physical and emotional wellness, assisting in goal-setting and realization, and aiding in the process of self-integration. Throughout the year, mentor and mentee pairs work together to help realize some of the mentee’s academic, social, and personal goals. For example, a mentee’s goals may include coming out to friends or family, pursuing a new club or activity, or learning more about a future career path. A mentor will look to provide the mentee with tools, ideas, advice, and support to help realize these goals, all within the context of maintaining a healthy sense of personal identity.

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Outreach Peer Mentors

David Aspinall ’15
Student Coordinator

Reese C. Kelly, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean and Advisor to LGBTQ Students and Allies