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Organic Farm Master Plan

Organic farm rendering

Maclay Architects was hired by Dartmouth College to develop a master plan for Dartmouth Organic Farm, located 3 miles north of the Dartmouth College Green in Hanover New Hampshire. The master plan will describe the goals and objectives for the Farm; clearly define the program, the property and its management; and develop an actionable plan for the Farm - its program and facilities.

Dartmouth's Organic Farm, is a 200-acre parcel of property purchased by Dartmouth College in 1975 from the Fullington family. The property includes two farmhouses, two barns, a milk house and two greenhouses on twenty acres of open land nestled between the Connecticut River and Route 10. There is a conservation easement on a portion of the land. The remaining 180 acres are on the east side of Route 10 and consists of fields, a stream, a sugar bush with a sugar house, and a mature upland forest. The property is zoned rural residential.

This property is connected to other Dartmouth properties, most notably Oak Hill and the Trescott Water Company land which owned equally between Dartmouth and the Town of Hanover. Together these create a de facto contiguous greenbelt around the northeast core of the campus and downtown Hanover. The master plan for the Organic Farm should maximize these connections and should show cognizance of potential of this entire block.

site analysis

The Master Plan for the Dartmouth Organic Farm will provide:

  1. An understanding of the property identifying opportunities and challenges for developing a program and facilities at the Farm in support of Dartmouth's goal to become a sustainability leader.
  2. A program plan for the property that maximizes its support of this goals;
  3. A management plan for the property;
  4. Short-term and long-term plan for improvements to the property including the buildings.
  5. Recommended zoning changes and proposed language to support this new vision.

This plan is developed with awareness of the following simultaneous initiatives and areas of importance at Dartmouth:

  1. Interest in expanding student life opportunities focused around positive life habits and social structures outside the Greek system
  2. Emphasis on wellness, physical activity and healthy recreation
  3. Focus on developing student living/learning communities and integration of student life and learning

The Farm could support the expansion of the College's sustainability education experiences. We hope this facility can provide a variety of educational opportunities for students, enhance existing Dartmouth course offerings and research, support student life initiatives and be a resource for the broader community.

The concept plan were presented to a group of faculty and students on April 4th 2013. Access concepts plan here


Last Updated: 7/10/13