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Floren Varsity House : : Progress and Notifications

Construction Update, May 5, 2007

Work continues on interior finishes, including the first coats of paint, ceilings, and ceramic tile. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems also are being installed. The installation of the elevator is beginning, with the contractor now on site. The East Stands work is scheduled to resume the week of 5/21. Other upcoming work includes masonry on the public restroom facility and major HVAC equipment installation.


Construction Update, April 16, 2007

Work continues on the interior with drywall, painting, and tile installation. Windows on the north facade are being installed and preparations for mechanical equipment in the penthouse are being completed. Restorations were recently made to Red Rolfe Field for the baseball season. Early May will feature construction on the East Stands, the public restroom facility, and the emergency generator.


Construction Update, March 27, 2007

Work continues on interior drywall and painting and the installation of ceramic tile in the bathrooms has begun. Work continues on both mechanical and electrical systems. Upcoming work will include the restoration of the Rolfe Field warning track for baseball. Construction of generator enclosure, electrical room under stands, and public bathroom facility are all progressing. Construction on the East Stands will resume in early May.


Construction Update, February 23, 2007

Brick is now complete on the exterior of the building, and the scaffolding is coming down. Windows on all sides but the West are now installed, with the West windows scheduled to arrive in March. Drywall and framing on the interior is ongoing, alongside MEP work.


Construction Update, February 6, 2007

Brick is being installed on the West facade which will complete the masonry installation for the main building. The contractor has begun installing windows on the east side of the building. Inside rough-in of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems is ongoing. Interior framing is complete on the second floor, with drywall currently being installed. Interior framing continues on the first floor, with the third floor to commence in early February.


Construction Summary, January 15, 2007: Fall and Early Winter 2006 - 07

Late summer milestones:

  • On August 31st, the structural steel work was completed with a topping-off ceremony (see pictures here)
  • On September 23, the East Stands were ready for the Dartmouth Football home opener

Over the course of the fall, the primary areas of work were the building envelope, site utilities, installing the brick exterior, and pouring the floor slabs on all levels. The envelope work is now completed, and the brickwork is proceeding ahead of schedule.

Inside the building, rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work began in the fall, and that work is ongoing. Interior framing also began in the fall, and will continue into the winter. The most current ongoing work inside includes placement of the staircases, the beginning of window installation, and the beginning of the drywall installation. Additionally, the foundation work for the East Stands restroom facility was completed.


Construction Update, November 27, 2006

Construction on the building exterior continues, with the South elevation's brickwork expected to be completed within a few weeks. The North and East elevations have their brickwork already completed, and the West elevation will be staged and tented, so that bricklaying can continue through December. On the interior, mechanical and electrical rough-in has begun. Fireproofing is complete, and interior framing will begin over the next few weeks as well.


Construction Update, August 14, 2006

After some unexpected stormwater line work, the main building foundation is complete. Foundations are still in progress for the electrical outbuilding and the public restroom building. The second round of steel has been erected, and delivery of the third round is expected early this week. Work has begun on the East Stands, reconfiguring the lower walkway and lower rows of stands.


Construction Update, July 14, 2006

Foundation work nears completion, but has slowed in order to replace the storm line that runs under the footprint of the building. That replacement is slow due to the protection needed for Leverone Field House foundations. Excavations have started for the public restroom facility. The structural steel permit has been approved and erection will begin on Monday July 17th. Some prep work has been recently completed on the stands while the final permit is being reviewed.

Steel deliveries will begin Monday July 17th. Trucks will enter through Leverone circle one at a time, while waiting trucks will stage off-campus until they can be unloaded immediately.


Construction Update, June 29, 2006

Work continues on the building foundations and site utilities at the west end of Leverone Field House. A permit has been issued to complete the domestic water tie-in on South Park Street. This work is scheduled for June 26. Pending building permit approval, renovation and expansion of the East Stands is scheduled for an early July start.

On Monday, June 26th, the temporary walkway from Berry Sports Center to Leverone Field House along South Park Street will be closed. This is for the domestic water tie-in. A police detail will be provided to assist in redirecting of any traffic, if needed. Pedestrians should use the sidewalk on the east side of South Park Street to travel in this area.


Construction Update, June 5, 2006

The full foundation permit was received last week, so the contractor has begun placing concrete for the foundations. This work will continue for several weeks now. Utility sitework continues around the site, mainly focusing on stormwater and sewer modifications.


Construction Update, May 23, 2006

Limited foundation work is ongoing, in anticipation of receiving the full foundation permit which will allow concrete placement to begin.  Some sitework and underground utility work is also taking place.


Construction Update, May 5, 2006

The contractor has completed repairs to the sewer line behind Leverone, and is currently working on the utility structures for stormwater and electrical.

The project fence line will relocate back onto Rolfe Field no later that May 15th.


Construction Update, April 20, 2006

We currently are excavating for the building footings, which includes putting in a 3" concrete mudmat to protect the excavation and serve as a base for the forms. Replacement of a sewer line behind Leverone is also ongoing. This sewer line was found to have a sag, and needed to be replaced as a repair. Final construction documents have been issued, and the full building permit application is being prepared. Work will continue on the foundations for the next several weeks.

There have been complaints of dust onto the track area. Although it is mostly from the surrounding areas behind unpaved surfaces, the contractor has begun treating the site to reduce the amount of dust and dirt during windy conditions.


Construction Update, April 10, 2006

Demolition of the East Stands is now complete, and the construction site has moved off of Red Rolfe Field for the duration of baseball season. Excavation for the building's footings will begin this week, as will the replacement of a sewer line behind Leverone. Those two activities will continue for several weeks.

Work Beginning, February 22, 2006

On Wednesday, February 22nd, work on the Varsity Athletics Facility will commence with the construction of a temporary pedestrian walkway on the west side of South Park Street between Berry Sports Center and Leverone Field House. The walkway will serve as the main pedestrian path between Alumni/Berry and Leverone for the duration of the Varsity Athletics project. The following Monday, February 27, work will begin on a temporary construction access road through the edge of the outfield of Rolfe Field, along with the installation of a construction fence to secure the job site.

On Wednesday, March 1st, the following actions will occur restricting pedestrian and vehicle traffic between Leverone Field House and Alumni Gym.

  1. The pedestrian door in the northwest corner of Leverone Field House will be closed and will remain closed for the duration of the construction of the Varsity Athletics Facility. The double doors on the northside of Leverone that exit near the Rolfe Field scoreboard will also be closed and will remain closed for the duration of the project. Exceptions will occur during large events in Leverone Field House, and provisions will be made to accomodate egress safely out of the facility without entering the construction site. These particular events have been coordinated with DCAD.
  2. The gates to the Memorial Field area at the south entrance of Alumni Gym will be closed. The pedestrian gate with the stone bollards will be reopened during Spring Baseball for access to the field.
  3. The running track at Memorial Field will be accessible from Alumni Gym through the North Gate behind the scoreboard.

As of Wednesday, March 1st pedestrian or vehicle traffic will no longer be allowed through the East Stands area between Alumni Gym and Leverone Field House. All pedestrians should use the new walkway installed on the west side of South Park Street. All vehicle access to the parking lot at the south entrance to Alumni Gym should use the Crosby Street entrance near Davis Varsity House.

These operations have been coordinated with the Town of Hanover authorities, Dartmouth College, and the Contractor.

All rerouting of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is to maintain safe passage for all around the construction area. We appreciate your cooperation in these efforts.


Whom Do I Contact?


Andrew Ager, Project Information Manager
Office of Planning, Design & Construction
TEL. 603-646-9290
FAX 603-646-3235

Mary Bourque, Project Manager
Office of Planning, Design & Construction
TEL. 603.646.4046
FAX 603.646.3235

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