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Floren Varsity House : : Detailed Description

The Floren Varsity House will be located to the east of Memorial Field.   The facility will serve all athletics programs with a 10,000 square-foot varsity strength training center, a 130-person "smart classroom", meeting rooms, football locker and equipment facilities, and offices for football and several other sports.

Additionally, a small building will be constructed under the East Stands to provide public restroom facilities during major events in the Memorial Field area.

A significant portion of the existing east stands will be removed to clear the site for construction of the facility.  The remaining stands will be modified to comply with safety and accessibility codes. A portion of the material removed from the existing stands will be reused to extend the reconstructed stands to the south, thus recouping approximately 600 of the lost seats.  The overall capacity of the stadium will be reduced from about 18,000 to about 13,000.

"Dartmouth's commitment to a new varsity house demonstrates a strong investment in the College's intercollegiate sports," says to JoAnn "Josie" Harper, Director of Athletics and Recreation. "We had a serious need for more space to serve our 900 varsity student athletes. Our coaches do a great deal of teaching, and the new classrooms will make that even more effective. The facility will also create a terrific strength training environment for all our varsity teams. And for our football program in particular, the new locker room, offices, and stadium playing surface, in combination with the Blackman Practice Fields and renovated Leverone Fieldhouse, will provide a first-class set of facilities."

The facility is designed in a simple, contemporary style but highlights traditional Dartmouth elements with its brick exterior and white windows.  The facility overlooks Memorial Field to the west and Red Rolfe Field to the east.  Lobbies on each of its three floors will be highlighted by full-height window walls.

Last Updated: 11/5/08