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Dartmouth Row Modernization Plan


Dartmouth Row includes Dartmouth Hall, Reed Hall, Thornton Hall, Wentworth Hall and Bartlett Hall – among the most historically significant buildings on campus. The Row is home to departments in various humanistic studies (particularly languages) as well as selected interdisciplinary programs. Over the years, the buildings have grown increasingly inadequate, both physically and programmatically, to support activities that occur within.

To address these problems, a Working Group including faculty and administrative representatives, supported by an outside consultant, was charged in Fall 2011 with developing a plan for reprogramming and modernizing Dartmouth Row. The result is the Dartmouth Row Modernization Plan.

The Dartmouth Row Modernization Plan is a set of goals, planning principles, and space and functional requirements to guide renovation and modernization of the Row. The Plan provides a detailed roadmap for each function and activity that is expected to occur on the Row. 1 Goals, critical issues and recommendations of the Plan are highlighted below.

Goals for the Dartmouth Modernization Plan

The Dartmouth Row Modernization Plan is designed to achieve the following goals.

Goal 1
Highlight and clearly communicate the essential role of humanities, international, and interdisciplinary studies at Dartmouth and in a liberal arts education.

Goal 2
Highlight and illustrate how engagement in these studies inculcates Dartmouth students with skills in critical thinking that prepares them for participation and leadership in a global and diverse 21st century world.

Goal 3
Use the opportunity of renovation to bind Dartmouth Row buildings, functions and activities into a true intellectual community centered around the humanities, international and interdisciplinary studies disciplines.

Goal 4
Create leading edge space to support humanities and related research and education.

Goal 5
Address significant physical deficiencies in the buildings – including correcting substantial deferred maintenance; making buildings accessible and compliant with ADA requirements; modernizing spaces that have not been renovated, in some cases, for decades; and creating a professional and welcoming work environment befitting the nature and quality of research and teaching that occurs on Dartmouth Row.


Last Updated: 7/1/13