Dartmouth College Anticipated Hanover Permit Applications  last updated: 1/19/2007
  Project/Building: Date:      
Zoning Board     Deliberation    
    Submission Hearing Staff Review Approved? Comments Group
Planning Board          
    Submission Hearing   Approved? Comments  
Soccer Competition Field/Locker Rooms 11/7/2006 12/5/2006 11/13/2006 Yes PDC
Class of 1953 Commons 3/6/2007 4/3/2007 PDC
Grasse Road III - Final Application  5/1/2007 6/4/2007 REO
Rivercrest - Preliminary Application 7/1/2007 TBD REO
Rivercrest - Final Application 2/4/2008 TBD REO
Zoning and Use/Building Permit          
    Submission     Approved? Comments  
Varsity House - Building Permit Apr-06 Pending PDC
Treehouse Removal Sep-06 Yes FO&M
Hanover Inn Bathroom Renovations Oct-06 Pending PDC
Bradley/Gerry Demolition Oct-06 Pending PDC
Bradley/Gerry Temporary Use Permit Nov-06 Pending PDC
Tuck School LLC Dec-06 Hope to receive Building Permit by 2/1/07 PDC
Hitchcock Renovations Dec-06 PDC
Organic Farm Dec-06 PDC
President's House Fence Dec-06 PDC
Soccer Competition Facility Jan-07 PDC
53 Commons May-07 PDC
Grasse Road III - Phase I Building Permit Jun-07 REO
MML/Strassenburg Demolition Summer 2007 PDC
    Submission     Approved? Comments  
Note: Dates in italics are tentative.
Dates in red have been updated recently