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Campus Map

The Campus Map project started a year ago and aims to keep campus maps up to date and expand its usability in various campus initiatives. The most notable upgrade is  the new online, interactive map for mobile devices. This map can be seen at:

Mobile Map

Our office produced the basemaps for the Public Affairs, who distributes the printable versions of the campus map, including the large directory maps hung around campus as well as smaller maps for personal use.

The next major project in the works is a new online interactive campus map for desktops, which is being developed in collaboration with the Web Strategy & Design Office.

How our Office Handles the Maps (as basemaps)
Our office is in charge of keeping data related to space up to date. Most of this is underlying data such as Building Ownership, Address, Usage, Gross Area, etc.
We work closely with the IT department including Packaged Applications and Database Administrations to create online maps. In the process, we collaborate with Graphic Designers in the Public Affairs office to refine the maps that will be visible to the public.

Last Updated: 7/9/13