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Planning and Design


The Office of Planning is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the planning for buildings, land use, transportation, departmental consolidation, growth or interim relocation and sustainability strategies. The Office of Planning works closely with senior staff and colleagues on capital planning and with Hanover on community planning issues. It oversees the development and maintenance of the Campus Master Plan, implementation of a new Space Management system, and services related to the Campus Map.

Planning and Design


The Office of Design leads the design of new buildings, building additions, building renovations and campus landscape projects. In addition, the Office of Design oversees design and construction of numerous small- and medium-scale renovation projects that are completed by in-house design staff. It provides oversight of sustainable building practices, high-performance building technologies, accessibility compliance and appropriate building and landscape design in a manner that preserves and continues a legacy of rich and forward-thinking design.

Last Updated: 7/25/18