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Design & Construction Project Guidelines

Welcome to Dartmouth College's Design and Construction Guidelines. It is our desire to provide a clear guide to assist consultants and contractors that work at Dartmouth College. Some of the sections are generic while other sections have specific requirements. The Introduction section elaborates further on the intent of the guidelines. Please contact the College representative you are working with for any specific questions that may arise.

Each section is an individual PDF file allowing the user to view relatively small files. The goal is to update the guidelines two or three times a year. The most recent revisions are indicated by a vertical bar in the margin where there is text in red font. The most recent deletions are indicated by cross out lettering and insertions by italicized letters. The table of contents reflects the the latest date of any specific section.

Comments regarding our guidelines are welcome. Please address these to the College representative.


Click the links below to get a detailed page of each division complete with downloadable PDF files for each section.


Last Updated: 9/14/16