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Meet the Staff

Office of Planning, Design & Construction


Joanna Whitcomb 

Director of Campus Planning

(603) 646-9852

Planner's blog

As Director of Campus Planning, Joanna manages master planning for facilities, land use, transportation, landscapes and space allocation in support of Dartmouth's mission. Her office works closely with senior officers, campus colleagues and community partners to inform and implement institutional facilities priorities.

John Scherding 

Associate VP of Planning, Design & Construction

(603) 646-3351

John leads Dartmouth’s capital development program from planning and conceptual design through construction, including program planning, architecture and design, project management, and program control. He leads the development of a world-class project delivery methodology that supports long-term capital planning and construction in a manner that is consistent with the strategic direction of Dartmouth’s mission.

Joanna Simpson

Capital Program Controls Coordinator

(603) 646-0570


Joanna coordinates the financial, document, scheduling, and systems controls efforts for Dartmouth’s capital program. She works closely with all project managers to manage the budget, cost and schedule information for individual capital projects and across the College’s capital program.


Paul Tougas

Project Manager

(603) 646-2067

Paul has served Dartmouth College for many decades as a highly versatile and effective project manager with the Architectural Services team. Paul has a deep understanding of construction and design and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his design solutions.


Jason Rouillard

Project Manager

(603) 646-2431

Jason is a Project Manager with the Architectural Services team who oversees the construction of numerous academic and workplace projects. He is also an experienced designer.


James Pike

Project Manager

(603) 646-0442

As a Project Manager and member of the Architectural Services team, James is responsible for the design and construction of numerous projects across the campus, with a wide range of scale and complexity. James is highly proficient with CAD systems and is capable of performing sophisticated design work.


Kevin Nelson

Spatial Database Analyst

(603) 646-4046

Kevin is responsible for managing campus space data for buildings and landscape. He has produced an interactive online map and developed a GIS database for facilities needs.


Joe Broemel

Senior Project Manager

(603) 646-9932

Joe is a senior project manager who manages some of Dartmouth's largest and most complex construction projects from conception to completion. He is a registered professional engineer, licensed in Vermont, Massachusetts and Colorado.



Last Updated: 10/17/18