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Pan Asian Women in Dialogue (AASPIRE)

AASPIRE (Asian American Sisters: Pride, Integrity, Respect, and Empowerment) serves as a voice and support group for self-identified Asian women (i.e. South Asian, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander). This group provides a forum for Pan Asian women to talk about issues that matter to them, among a group of peers who may be facing the same problems.

Typically, AASPIRE meetings will take place around informal brown bag lunches and a termly sponsored dinner. During these brown bag lunch events, AASPIRE will set a physical space where participants can engage in candid conversation about Asian issues, women's issues and the intersection of the two on the Dartmouth campus as well as in the broader context. Termly dinners will serve a similar function as the brown bag lunches, but have are catered events of AASPIRE and have a set discussion topic. The dinner discussion topic in the fall of 2012 was "Cultural Influences and Familial Expectations on Career or Academic Paths."

AASPIRE Fall 2012

Last Updated: 1/9/17