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Office of Pan Asian Student Advising at Dartmouth College
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Student Organizations

  • Asian American Sisters: Pride, Integrity, Respect, Empowerment (AASPIRE)
    "AASPIRE (Asian American Sisters: Pride, Integrity, Respect, and Empowerment) serves as a voice and support group for self-identified Asian women (i.e. South Asian, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander)."

  • Dartmouth Asian Organization
    "The Dartmouth Asian Organization's mission is to focus on the Asians in America experience. Whether American born or international, we as student at Dartmouth are all affected by American culture in our daily lives."

  • Dartmouth China Care Club 
    "Our chapter of China Care at Dartmouth College focuses on raising money to fund various children's medical procedures, learning about the issues that surround China Care's work, and networking with other clubs and chapters around the nation."

  • Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society
    "The Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society (DCCS) aims to provide a community for all Dartmouth students, regardless of descent, interested in Chinese culture."

  • Dartmouth Chinese Teaching Society (Inactive)
    The Dartmouth Chinese Teaching Society instructs local children in Chinese language and culture on a weekly basis, and is entirely run by Dartmouth student volunteers.

  • Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe
    "Started in 1996, the Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe is an open student performance group that choreographs and performs various dances with origins in China."

  • Dartmouth Japan Society
    "Dartmouth Japan Society is a student-run organization at Dartmouth College that attempts to bring understanding and appreciation of Japan to the community."

  • Global China Connection
    "The Dartmouth chapter of Global China Connection (GCC) seeks to advance Dartmouth students' understanding of China and to assist them in developing the skills and relationships necessary for international leadership and success through dinner discussions, guest speakers, networking initiatives and conferences."

  • International Students Association
    "The International Students' Association (ISA) at Dartmouth is an organization of International and American students interested in global issues and issues affecting the International Student community at Dartmouth."

  • Korean Student Association
    "Founded in 1989, the primary aim of the Korean Students Association (KSA) is to promote the better understanding of Korean heritage, culture, language, and concerns to the Dartmouth community."

  • Milan (South Asian Student Association)
    "Founded in 1987, Milan is the South Asian social and cultural group at Dartmouth and serves as a focal point for students of South Asian origin and for students with in an interest in the region." 
  • North Korean Project (Inactive)
    The North Korea Project at Dartmouth College exists to educate the Dartmouth undergraduate community of the human rights issues concerning North Koreans and North Korean refugees.

  • Pan Asian Wellness Initiative
    PAWI (Pan-Asian Wellness Initiative) serves as a support and discussion group for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community at Dartmouth College. Its mission is "to encourage participatory education and awareness of mental health issues affecting the AAPI community."

  • Raaz (South Asian Competitive Dance Group)
    Raaz is Dartmouth's competitive Premier South Asian Dance Group, which performs all types of dance from classical and folk to hip-hop.

  • Students of Hong Kong
  • "The Students of Hong Kong (SoHK) is a cultural organization that seeks to share Hong Kong and Chinese culture with the Dartmouth community. Through events ranging from Karaoke Night to our Cantonese Afternoon Tea, SoHK invites students to experience Hong Kong culture and cuisine."

  • Tuk- Tuk (Thai Student Association) (Inactive)
  • "Tuk-Tuk Dartmouth brings together students with an interest in Thailand and neighboring countries in order to collaborate on cultural events and fundraising efforts. Tuk-Tuk Dartmouth also serves as a resource for Dartmouth students who wish to pursue internships or volunteer opportunities in Thailand, as well as a resource for exchange students between Thayer School of Engineering and Chulalongkorn University each year."

  • Vandana (South Asian Dance Group)
    "Vandana is Dartmouth's South Asian dance group. Embracing both traditional and modern South Asian dance, the group draws inspiration from a variety of styles originating from South Asia, including Bhangra, Garba, Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, and hip-hop fusion."

  • Vietnamese Student Association
    The Vietnamese Students Association seeks to bring Vietnamese culture to Dartmouth College through cultural events, and be a resource for the Vietnamese student population on campus.

  • Women of Color Collective
    "The Women of Color Collective represents a coalition network of Dartmouth students, staff, and faculty on campus that discuss, and if necessary, take action on issues relating to the intersection of gender, race, and culture."

Last Updated: 1/9/17