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Office of Pan Asian Student Advising at Dartmouth College
125 Carson Hall, First Floor Berry Library
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-0987
Fax: (603) 646-9168
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Who does "Pan Asian" refer to?

There are multiple terms, often used interchangably, to describe diverse Asian student communities on college campuses. Some of these include, Asian American (AsAm), Asian Pacific American (APA), Asian Pacific Islander (API), Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA), South Asian/Desi, just to name a few. At Dartmouth College, the term Pan Asian has been adopted as a pan-ethnic sociopolitical category intended to include any and all who may self-identify as Asian.

Is the Office of Pan Asian Student Advising (OPASA) only for Asian American students at Dartmouth College?

No. While OPASA has a strong focus on providing resources and services for Pan Asian students at Dartmouth, we also realize that to best fulfill our mission we must engage and serve all members of our campus community.

What is the Pan Asian Council (PAC)?

PAC is a critical component of student outreach and leadership development for OPASA. The council unites representatives from Dartmouth's 20+ Pan Asian-related student organizations on a bi-weekly basis to discuss points of collaboration and pertinent issues affecting our student community. Learn more about PAC here.

Is there an Asian American Studies program at Dartmouth?

While there is no formal program in Asian American Studies at Dartmouth, students may concentrate their studies in this research area by including Asian American Studies courses and perhaps even writing a senior thesis in their academic plans. The English, History, and Sociology departments all offer regular coursework in Asian American Studies, and professors with relevant expertise and research interests (see Faculty Connections page) may offer independent studies as well as thesis guidance and mentorship toward graduate school programs in Asian American Studies.

How can I get involved in the Pan Asian community at Dartmouth?

There are many ways to join OPASA! We are always looking for eager student leaders to serve on planning committees for major campus-wide events like Asian Pacific American Heritage Month or to help coordinate programs such as our Community Dinners, which are held each term. Additionally, we know that the success of Dartmouth's Pan Asian community is intrinsically tied to personal investment and involvement from all of our constituents: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Thus we welcome outreach from all who feel they can offer support in areas of academic success, leadership development, faculty/staff mentoring, and event planning.

Are there opportunities to collaborate with OPASA?

Yes! OPASA is actively seeking new opportunities to partner with other departments at Dartmouth, peer college and universities, as well as related community organizations in the New England area. If you feel that there are common areas of interest between you, your group, and OPASA, please contact OPASA's Assistant Dean/Advisor. We would be happy to discuss our current agenda and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

Last Updated: 1/9/17