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Mentoring Programs

OPAL runs a variety of mentoring programs across different communities. Find out more below!

Program applications will go live during the week of 8/21. 

Asian/American Mentoring Program (AAMP)

The Asian/American Mentoring Program (AAMP) pairs incoming students with current students during their first year at Dartmouth. Through discussions, socials, and mentor-mentee relationships, AAMP hopes to provide a space for students to find community and explore what it means to identify as part of the Asian American community. All students who self-identify as Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, or have an interest in the Asian American Pacific Islander community are welcome to apply.

Dartmouth Advancing Blackness Fellowship (D.A.B. Fellowship)

The DAB Fellowship is a development program for Black men on campus, with a focus on supporting the transition of first-year students into the campus climate, as well as supporting upperclassmen in leadership skill development and professional transitions.

First Generation Network Mentoring Program

The First Generation Network Mentoring Program connects students who are among the first in their families to attend college with a First Gen-identified faculty or staff member, or First Gen Campus Ally who will follow them throughout their entire Dartmouth career. First Gen Mentors help students become more connected to Dartmouth, while building sense of community and support among the entire First Generation campus population. Through 1:1 relationships, mentors support students by sharing their own similar experiences, provide prospective on personal and professional growth from a First Gen perspective, help students set goals and build networks, navigate challenges, and celebrate successes!

International Student Mentor Program

The International Student Mentor Program provides immediate support and assistance to Dartmouth College's newest international undergraduates through correspondence that begins before new students arrive on campus. This program of support and friendship continues formally throughout orientation and is ongoing during the first two terms of a student's life at Dartmouth.

Latinx Partnerships for Success (LPS)

Latinx Partnership for Success is a fall term program that pairs first-year students with upperclassmen in a partnership designed to explore the resources and opportunities available at Dartmouth. As partners, students will complete weekly tasks focused on learning about Dartmouth departments and offices and engage in identity development and community building activities. The program aims to expose first-year students to all that Dartmouth has to offer while simultaneously developing a mentorship relationship with an upperclassman and community bond with program participants via dinner discussions.

Partnerships in Pride (PinP)

Partnerships in Pride helps students explore their personal interests, take advantage of campus resources, and find their own sense of community! Mentors aim to support mentees through many facets of LGBTQIA+ identity exploration, development, and affirmation. This is accomplished through frank, informal, one-on-one conversations, wherein support and information are provided from program coordinators.


RISE is a four-year enrichment program for Black undergraduate women at Dartmouth that aims to build upon the Resilience, Integrity, and Strength of young Black women, Empowering them to be their best selves. This program facilitates a smooth transition for first-year students on campus through its mentoring program, as well as support upperclasswomen with professional transitions and mentorship by Black women professionals in the northeast.


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Last Updated: 8/14/17