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Last Updated: 9/23/16

Leadership Councils

Black Leadership Council

When active, the Council serves as a venue for organizations that are focused on serving the academic, cultural, and social needs of those who identify within the African diaspora.  The Council provides opportunities for leadership development and cross-group collaboration.  Past projects have included coordinating a fall leadership retreat and an annual spring block party.

Inter-Community Council (I-CC)

The Inter-Community Council (I-CC) aims to build organizational connections between different campus communities in order to foster and improve understanding and mutual support, as well as advocate for shared interests.

Pan Asian Council (PAC)

Chaired by OPAL's Pan Asian student interns, the Pan Asian Council (PAC) is a proactive oranization dedicated to setting goals and creating initiatives that are central to be Pan Asian community at Dartmouth, as well as raising awareness of Asian and Asian American issues through the College.  By regularly bringing together representatives from over 20 Asian related student groups, PAC increases communication and collaboration, and serves as a liaison between the Pan Asian community and other communities at Dartmouth.

Last Updated: 4/28/09