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Last Updated: 9/23/16

Leadership Training Programs

Leadership Discovery Program (LDP)

Now in its twenty-second year, the Leadership Discovery Program (LDP) educates and prepares Dartmouth's first-year students to become impactful community members, focusing on relationship-centered ethical leadership.  This spring term program is open to a maximum of 36 members of the first-year class and features 5 sessions and a retreat led by faculty members, administrators, and trained undergraduate students.

Diversity Peer Leadership Program (DPP)

The Diversity Peer Leadership Program (DPP) enables participants to become part of a network of undergraduate students who work together to address common diversity concerns and create meaningful social change at Dartmouth and beyond.  Students who are selected begin their association by attending an off-campus weekend retreat that is jointly facilitated by OPAL staff and trained DPP students.  The program examines six primary areas of diversity - race/culture, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, and ability.  The program features three main components - awareness, self reflection, and activism.  Summer and winter retreat application.

Inter-Community Council Leadership Retreat

The Inter-Community Council (I-CC) aims to build organizational connections between different campus communities in order to foster and improve understanding and mutual support, as well as advocate for shared interests.  I-CC representative application.

Collaborative Leadership Retreat

Beginning in 2006, OPAL has partnered with other campus offices (including the Tucker Foundation, Rockefeller Center, Student Activities, Residential Life, Dickey Center for International Understanding, and Athletics), to develop the curriculum for the Collaborative Leadership Retreat.  This two-day retreat provides the opportunity for over 75 student leaders from across the campus to come together to share information, learn advanced leadership principles and skills, and develop meaningful cross-group connections leading to ongoing collaboration.

Black Leadership Council Retreat

Held at least once during an academic year, the Black Leadership Council Retreat serves as a training opportunity for new leaders within the community.  Workshops on values clarification, programming, and budget allocation are discussed, in hopes of increasing organizational success and smooth leadership succession throughout an academic year.

Native Leadership Institute

The Native Leadership Institute (NLI) is a program for entering students prior to Orientation.  Students interested in participating in the Native Leadership Institute should be interested in developing their academic and leadership capacity, both in and out of the classroom, while at Dartmouth.  Students will participate in a series of seminars and workshops designed to assist students in identifying their individual goals; gaining familiarity with college life and the Dartmouth community, and understanding the ways Native knowledge can contribute to the Dartmouth community.

Pan Asian Leadership Dinners

Each term, OPAL brings together the leadership of over 25 Asian related student groups to discuss community trends and needs, share culturally competent best practices, and learn leadership skills that they can apply throughout the term.  These organizations maintain ongoing communication and collaboration through the Pan Asian Council, Dartmouth's Asian related umbrella organization.

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