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Leadership Development

In support of the College's mission, OPAL offers campus leadership development opportunities.  These experiences are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in an increasingly diverse society and workplace.

Through OPAL's leadership development training programs, workshops, retreats, and internships, students undergo a set of processes which allow them to:

  • identify, develop, and maintain their values and ethics
  • expand their understanding of leadership styles, philosophies, and methods
  • identify their own unconscious assumptions of others by learning to view the world from multiple perspectives and with an understanding of the implications of applicable historical and cultural contexts
  • develop skills to assess and manage complex group power dynamics
  • think critically about the impact of their own decision making processes and actions, take responsibility for their decisions, and learning from these experiences
  • develop fundamental leadership skills including active listening, critical thinking, facilitation, coalition building, communication, problem solving, decision making, collaboration, assessment, and wellness
  • apply newly acquired skills through actions and initiatives, and by serving as a mentor to emerging peer leaders.

Last Updated: 1/20/10