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Gender and Sexual Diversity Resources at Dartmouth

Student Advising

Are you:

  • Exploring your sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression?
  • Looking for resources or support related to your sexuality or gender identity?
  • Searching for ways to support your LGBTQIA+ friend, roommate, relative, loved one, or peer?
  • Confused because someone called you homophobic or transphobic?
  • An LGBTQIA-identified person looking for someone to advocate for your needs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, or would simply enjoy talking to someone about issues pertaining to sexuality and gender identity, please stop by or set up a meet with staff at the CGSE by emailing us at All conversations are confidential.  Meetings can be arranged at any location on campus or in downtown Hanover.  

Dartmouth LGBTQIA Life Listserv

This listserv, open to all Dartmouth community members who want to subscribe, is used to communicate about events, issues, news, initiatives, and programming related to the LGBTQ+ and ally communities at Dartmouth College. It is a great way to hear about upcoming events, job openings, and ways to participate in LGBTQ+ and ally campus life. To subscribe to the DARTMOUTH-LGBTQA-LIFE listserv, click here and choose "Subscribe." Once you are subscribed, you may send messages to the list at

Staff and Faculty

Check out the new LGBTQ Staff and Faculty Directory!

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room, or LGBTQ+ and Ally Resource Room, is a two-room suite located in Robinson Hall, Rooms 107 and 109, and is open to all students.  The resource room has recently undergone several renovations to capitalize on the potential of the suite. The spacious front room now houses new tables and chairs to enable a work space for individuals and/or groups. This room also includes a library of over 600 books spanning a wide range of topics from fiction to health and wellness to critical theory. The back room lounge has two comfortable couches, an armchair, a new TV, and a large selection of DVDs ranging from romantic comedies to documentaries.

Within the space many resources are available including resources on/for academic support services, peer mentoring, sexual health, information on how to handle a crisis, how to report a bias incident, and information on who to reach out to for any emergency or if you just want to reach out to someone.

The resource room is 24 hour safe space open to anyone.

Books currently available for loan can be found in the online catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 10/20/14