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LGBTQ+ and Ally Events

LGBTQ+ and Ally Student Programs, through the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, offers a variety of programs and events to support the academic, personal, and social success of LGBTQ+ students and allies, by engaging students in identity, community, and leadership development. 

Major events, such as LGBTQ+ History Month and Pride Week, are designed to celebrate and educate the Dartmouth community about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer history, politics, and culture through a series of events filled with various speakers, lecturers, programs, performances/entertainment, discussions, parties, and awards.  To nominate community members for awards, please visit our award page.

GAYpril 2013 Blanco

The goals of History Month and Pride Week are not only to celebrate the diversity of Dartmouth through education and outreach, but also to address and eradicate homophobia, transphobia, prejudice and bigotry, in order to promote a more inclusive and pluralistic Dartmouth community. Further, as the LGBTQA+ community cuts across boundaries of race, ethnicity, religion, and class, these events also seek to involve various communities within the broader campus community to celebrate with and learn from one another, and to continue a positive discourse on campus.  Therefore, LGBTQ+ and Ally programs are focused on cultivating an inclusive community at Dartmouth and a place where LGBTQA+ students can thrive!

In addition to major events, LGBTQA+ programming and initiatives are ongoing throughout the academic year.  Please see the calendar below for more information.



We are always looking to refine our program and event offerings. Some programs may not be offered every year. If you are interested in co-sponsoring any programs and events with LGBTQ+ and Ally Student Programming or have suggestions, please contact or the Office of Pluralism and Leadership.


Last Updated: 4/14/14