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Social Change Model

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Leadership for Social Change 

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OPAL Impact is rooted in the Social Change Model of Leadership.

The Social Change Model is inclusive and is designed to develop leadership qualities in all participants, including those not currently in formal leadership positions. It promotes the values of equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service.

The SCM is rooted in the belief that leadership and change are inextricably and synergistically linked--as a result, the model promotes socially responsible leadership for collective action and change among student participants. In order to prepare students to engage in this type of intentional, thoughtful, and action-oriented development, the SCM provides the following theoretical framework for students to engage in leadership and become social change agents.

The model has two primary goals:

  • To enhance self-knowledge and leadership competence
  • To facilitate positive social change

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Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Higher Education Research Institute, 1996)

The 7 C’s of  Social Change for  Leadership Development Model

Consciousness of self – being aware of the beliefs, values, attitudes and emotions that motivate you

Congruence – living your life with genuineness and authenticity, consistent with your values and beliefs

Commitment – the motivation to serve and move the group forward

Collaboration – working with others in a way that makes use of multiple talents and perspectives

Common Purpose – working with shared aims and values towards a shared vision

Controversy with Civility - acknowledging differences of perspective as opportunities for creativity

Community (Citizenship) – investment in a community and the rights and welfare of all members of the group

Change - the value that gives meaning and purpose to the 7 C’s. Change is the ultimate goal of leadership – to make a better world and society for self and others.


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Last Updated: 6/28/16