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International Student Mentor Program

Information for Dartmouth Students Applying to be International Student Mentors

Information for all New International Undergraduates, Including '19s, Transfers, and Exchange Students

Would you like to:

  • Have a better beginning through summer correspondence with Dartmouth upper-class students?
  • Be met at Boston's Logan International Airport on August 28th and 29th, and/or be met in Hanover by Dartmouth students when you arrive?
  • Begin both International Student Orientation and the New Student Orientation with greater confidence and self-assurance?
  • Know that you are not alone in dealing with the "newness" and "strangeness" of the U.S., the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, and Dartmouth's unique culture?
  • Have the benefit of an upper-class Dartmouth student to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the fall and winter terms of your first year?
  • Learn from and befriend Dartmouth upper-class students?

Then participate in the International Student Mentor Program!

Why participate in the International Student Mentor Program?

The International Student Mentor Program provides immediate support and assistance to Dartmouth College's newest international undergraduates through correspondence that begins before new students arrive on campus.  This program of support and friendship continues formally throughout orientation and is ongoing during the first two terms of a student's life at Dartmouth.

What is the International Student Mentor Program?

Ten international and U.S. upper-class Dartmouth students were selected to be International Student Mentors (ISMs) in a highly competitive selection process.  Each mentor is assigned a group of approximately eight to twelve new international undergraduates.  ISMs assist and befriend Dartmouth's newest international undergraduates through pre-arrival correspondence, meeting new international students at Logan International Airport on August 28th and 29th, and at the bus stop in Hanover, and by helping new internationals get settled when they first arrive on campus.  ISMs continue to help new students get off to a good start at Dartmouth during International Student Orientation.  The formal work of advising new international undergraduates continues throughout the fall and winter terms as needed (and friendship continues well beyond that).

How will the International Student Mentor Program improve your Dartmouth experience?

"Culture shock" is a real phenomenon experienced by many international students as they adjust to a new environment, climate, diet, culture, country, and institutional rules and regulations.  The International Student Mentor program cannot claim that new internationals will never suffer a bout of culture shock if they participate in the ISM program.  However, International Student Mentors help to make the academic, personal, and social adjustment of many of our new students easier with the care and attention they bestow upon them.  The experience that mentors have to offer as upper-class students is invaluable.

What has the International Student Mentor Program meant to its previous participants?

"The International Mentor Program instantly made me feel like I was at home. The second I stepped off the bus and arrived at International Orientation, I was accepted into a community - a community that definitely eased my transition into freshman year. My mentor to this day remains one of the strongest points of support in my life." - Josh Renaud, Class of 2017, from Canada

"The ISM program was my first sense of community at Dartmouth, and allowed me to meet my best friends here! I can't imagine how different my entire first year would have been if not for ISM and what it did during pre-O!" - Reem Chamseddine, Class of 2017, from Lebanon

"International Student Orientation has been one of the best weeks of my time at Dartmouth. Right off the bat, the international student mentors were warm, welcoming and very enthusiastic about making the transition to college - and to another country - a smooth and extremely fun one." - Maieda N. Janjua, Class of 2017, from Pakistan

"My International Student Mentor made me feel right at home at Dartmouth. She was the person I called to figure out anything from laundry to meal swipes to the activity fair. It's always nice to have a friend right off the bus!" - Regan Plekenpol, Class of 2017, from China

How can you become involved in the International Student Mentor Program?

Getting involved in the International Student Mentor Program is as easy as completing the International Student Mentor Request Form.  Click on the link below to complete the form. You will then be on your way to being paired with a mentor and reaping the benefits of this enjoyable and helpful program.  If you are unable to access or complete and return the International Student Mentor Request Form through this website, please contact Joshua S. Renaud '17, this year's International Student Mentor Program Coordinator, at You may also contact Joshua Renaud, or Danielle M. Hussey, Assistant Dean and Advisor to International Student Programs - OPAL, through the International Student Mentor e-mail (blitz) account at

International Student Mentor Request Form

Last Updated: 7/26/16