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The OPAL Fund was established to provide support for programs and events that are an expression of OPAL’s goals, prioritizing proposals that receive little to no support from other sources. Funds are a shared resource of OPAL, comprised of contributions from all advising areas and the central budget; due to a large number of requests throughout the year, OPAL's contributions range from $25 - $500. Funds are limited to the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.


Download the OPAL Fund Program Funding Proposal

Download the OPAL Post-Event Form

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Academic Enrichment Fund

The Academic and Career Enrichment fund offsets the costs of enriching academic and career development activities for financial aid students that are not otherwise covered. The funds support on and off-campus expenses related to educational goals, including leave term costs associated with involvement in academic or career development experiential learning activities.

Complete the Academic Enrichment Fund Request Form here

Last Updated: 10/19/17