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Crossing the Line - Facilitation Request Form

Thank you for your interest in having OPAL facilitate our version of Crossing The Line (CTL) for you. Please use the form below to request your CTL facilitation. You'll receive an email confirmation of your request.

Contact Information (*Required)

*Last Name: *First Name:

*Email Address:

*Position/Role within group:

*Name of organization or group:


Describe your CTL needs (include as much information as possible)

If your group has done CTL already, when was the last time? If recently, how has your group changed?

Why are you interested in having CTL done at this time?

How many people do you expect at the workshop (need at least 12)?

How long have the participants known one another?

Please discuss any hot topics, incidents or concerns that have recently impacted your community.

If known - what are your time and date preferences or restrictions (a two hour block is required)?

Where do you plan on holding the workshop (needs to be private, quiet, and have enough space for the participants to stand in one horizontal line and step forward a few feet)?

Last Updated: 5/17/13