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Crossing The Line (CTL)

Crossing the Line, (aka: Step Up/Step Back, Barometer, Move Forward) is a popular 60-90 minute workshop on many college campuses for groups of students who are familiar with one another and wish to build a stronger sense of community through exploration of the group's similarities and differences in their individual identities. CTL promotes self and intra-group reflection, increases meaningful dialogue, and broadens ones understanding of community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request CTL?

To request CTL you must designate a student requester.  This person will function as the main contact for the group to work out the details.  The role of this person is the following:

  • Assess the group's readiness and interest in CTL.
  • Fill out and submit the request form.
  • Meet briefly with the CTL Coordinator.
  • Finalize logistics with assigned CTL staff facilitator.
  • Follow up with CTL staff facilitator after the workshop.
  • Report any concerns or questions to the CTL Coordinator or staff facilitator.

Who are the trained staff facilitators?

CTL has trained staff facilitators from across the campus.  Facilitators come from the Office of Residential Life, Tucker Foundation, Athletics, Office of Pluralism and Leadership, and Health Services.  We do not train student facilitators.  After talking with the student requester, the CTL Coordinator will assign one or two staff facilitators who will work with your group.

How do I know my group is ready to do CTL?

The best time to do CTL is when your group has already established a relationship with one another and has some level of trust.  This will allow for a deeper and more meaningful discussion.  This workshop is not appropriate to be used as an initial "getting to know you" exercise.

Why does CTL take 60-90 minutes?

The power of the workshop lies in the honest sharing of experiences and the respectful exchange of ideas and opinions.  To get the most out of the program, enough time is needed to fully explore and discuss the many issues and topics that come up as a result of the questions asked and how the group answers them.

What type of space do you need to do CTL?

A quiet and private room where participants can comfortably stand or sit in a circle.  It is also necessary to have space so participants can easily talk in pairs, as well as in the larger group.

What is the ideal group size for CTL?

15-35 participants is the ideal group size.  Special accommodations may be possible for large groups on a case by case basis.  We can do CTL for groups as small as 5 participants.

My group has done CTL already and enjoyed it.  Can we do it again?

Definitely.  Since the majority of the learning comes from the unique group discussion, participants will gain something new each time they do it.  If you're interested in learning about other programs that will complement the CTL program, please contact the CTL Coordinator, Sebastian Muñoz-Medina at  

I would like to learn more about a particular topic or question that came up in the CTL program.  Can someone help me?

Definitely.  We're thrilled that CTL has inspired your interest in learning more.  Please contact the CTL staff that facilitated your program or the CTL Coordinator to set up a meeting to discuss the many campus resources and options available to you and others.

Last Updated: 7/17/15