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Digital First communications and new print purchasing procedures

Resources for communicators

Dartmouth’s Print-to-Digital project

• Overview of the Print-to-Digital project [PDF 844kb]

As part of the Strategic Budget Reduction and Investment initiative (2009 to 2011), a group of Dartmouth communicators undertook the Print-to-Digital (P2D) project to accelerate the adoption of digital media and improve the College’s print services procurement procedures.

• A Print Review Group examined the College’s print expenditures, identified potential and planned print reductions, and developed a set of communications guidelines to assist communications managers in their efforts to shift to digital media.

• A Print Customer Procurement Team, with input from communicators across campus, reviewed the more than 60 print vendors used by Dartmouth employees, identified a group of the most highly sought-after vendors, and developed a set of procedures to enable communicators to get the best possible price and service from these preferred vendors.

• With the work of these two groups now complete, the College now has a framework for encouraging staff to take a “Digital First” approach to communications and to enable those who do purchase print to work with the College’s strongest vendors on the most favorable terms.

Last Updated: 4/25/12