Lindy Fox Smith, MA, LADC, is a Trainer and Consultant, in the field of co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. She retired from the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, after working there for 23 years as a Senior Research Associate. She worked on several research projects examining the effectiveness of treatment for people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Working with Robert Drake, Ph.D., M.D., she has been involved in research, diagnostic assessments, supervision, training, and consultation. She also has a great deal of clinical experience providing group and individual treatment to consumers with dual diagnoses.

Ms Fox has also worked for several years with Kim Mueser, Ph.D. on family work with dually disordered clients and their families. This has been both research and clinical work. She has worked with families, done family assessments, and trained clinicians and interviewers in family work. Lindy also consults with Westbridge Family Services, providing training and supervision to their family practitioners.

Also, working with Dr. Mueser she has trained and supervised clinicians in the Evidence Based Practice, Illness Management and Recovery (IMR). Ms. Fox trained clinicians to use IMR to work with individuals and groups in outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings. She has worked with several states to help them implement IMR statewide.

Ms Fox and her colleagues at Dartmouth have joined together with Hazelden to co-author books on co-occurring disorders, and she is a Co-Occurring Disorders Trainer for Hazelden. She has recently authored a book on group treatment for people in active treatment and relapse prevention.

Lindy’s expertise has been gained through a combination of formal education and personal experience. She has been a recipient of the services she now participates in designing and evaluating. As a result of this unusual combination of personal and professional experience, Ms. Fox brings sensitivity, humor, and extensive knowledge to this challenging field of working with people with both serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. She has consulted in the US and other countries including Australia, England, and Sweden. She has authored and co-authored books and many articles on the subject of co-occurring disorders.

Matthew R. Merrens, PhD, is Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School and the Co-Director of the Dartmouth Evidence-Based Practices Center. He joined the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center (PRC) in 2001 after many years at the State University of New York where he authored a number of books in general, social, personality and developmental psychology. At the PRC he has edited books and written articles on evidence-based mental health practices and has directed a consultation, training and dissemination center.

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