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The Office is concerned with promoting:

  • Open communication
  • A spirit of cooperation
  • Problem-solving
  • Due process
  • Adherence to College regulations

A supervisor or Human Resources consultant often can address employee concerns, but sometimes people prefer to speak with someone who is separate from administrative structures. Sometimes people need to practice before they feel ready to raise a difficult issue with someone else. The Ombuds Office gives employees* another place to receive help in managing, preventing, and resolving disputes. 

The Office was also created to ensure that staff at all levels know whether to bring a formal grievance to Human Resources or to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. After exploring options with you, the Ombuds can refer you to the appropriate office.

The goal of the Ombuds Office is to assist people who are troubled by a workplace or campus issue. In providing this assistance, the Ombuds serves as an independent, confidential, neutral, and informal resource consistent the International Ombudsman Association’s Standards of Practice.

Dartmouth’s Ombuds Office helps people resolve disputes as early as possible by identifying a range of possible actions; maintains neutrality in listening to and mediating complaints about colleagues, supervisors, supervisees and policies, and; facilitates conversation and calls attention to issues without being an advocate, decision-maker or source of reward and discipline.

* Union members will continue to consult with shop stewards, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, depending on the nature of the issue. Faculty generally consult with their chairs, associate deans and deans

Last Updated: 5/8/15