Medical School Application

The process of application to medical school is a complex and prolonged one that should begin in earnest at the beginning of the junior year, whether you are planning on applying at the end of the junior year or later. Students are strongly advised to seek out one of the pre-health advisors early in the junior year to begin a discussion of application plans. A number of informative meetings regarding the application process will also be announced to the NSS membership and attendance at these is strongly encouraged. The Health Professions Program and the NSS have put together an advisory document and timetable for this period, the Road to Medical School Application . Many undergraduates will elect to postpone the actual application process until after graduation; this document has many features which will be applicable to this group as well. You are also referred to the AAMC web site that offers many details about the medical school application process and has lots of links.

Below is information for the 2016-17 and 2015-16 application cycles (the former commencing application in June/July 2016; matriculation 2017). Check back occasionally at this location for the addition of more documents or for updates. NOTE: Applicants MUST submit the Timeline Agreement and Composite Letterr Worksheet to Annette Hamilton either in person in the HPP offfice in Parker Hous) OR email forms directly to

For 2016-2017 Application Cycle

For 2015-2016 Application Cycle

For 2014-2015 Application Cycle

Also Useful

Some MUST-READ documents if you are beginning the application process, particularly with respect to choosing which schools you plan to apply to:

Part of the process of application involves learning about the 135 American Medical Schools and schools in Canada. To assist in that, the Nathan Smith Society have created an Alumni Advice Network listing (with e-mail addresses) the names of over 300 Dartmouth College graduates who are currently attending or have recently attended many different medical schools. All have volunteered to be a source of information and advice about their medical school. Note: This is a password-protected site and you must be current undergraduate to access this list. If you are a Dartmouth alumnus, unfortunately, this data base is not accessible from your alumni e-mail account; if you want assistance or names of alumni, e-mail Lee Witters. In the Career Services office, there is also available a notebook of completed questionnaires from recent DC graduates concerning the medical schools they are now in....well worth looking at!!!!

An excellent overview of the medical school interview process and tips to applicants has been assembled by Career Services; you can link to its .pdf file. Your attention is also directed to the Medical School Interview Feedback web site below.

A number of important Web links should prove to be of value to the applicant. These Web sites offer basic information about the application process including the AMCAS application, which schools one might choose to apply to and how to prepare for the medical school interview. Others are sites constructed by individuals or institutions offering a broad range of advice. Users of this site are encouraged to explore the WWW and to let us know about sites that are particularly useful, so that we can add them here. Just e-mail Nathan.Smith.Society@Dartmouth.EDU with any suggestions.

Association of American Medical Colleges

The central resource for information of the MCAT exam and AMCAS application. Links to all medical schools and a wealth of information on medical education.

Yahoo List of Medical Schools

Comprehensive list of all medical school links and other medical education information

Student Doctor Network Get information on what the interview experience is like by reading reflections of recent interviewees at many medical schools! CAUTION in using this site; not always reliable and frequent venting from unhappiness or misunderstanding!

Clustered collection of helpful links and tons of information of med school application