Medical School Fact Summary

Below are links to spreadsheets summarizing many oft-sought facts about specific medical schools. These has recently been updated for the 2012-2013 application cycle(thanks, Megan Bunnell 13) using data for the most recent matriculants (fall 2011). In any event this information can change without notice, so all are urged to specifically check each school you are interested in on their web site, in the MSAR (AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements) book (available in the Health Professions Program Office & Resource Center) and/or by contacting them.

General Info Summary (alphabetical by state/Canadian province initial). This document includes information on success of application, GPA/science GPA of matriculants, MCAT scores, whether international students are eligible, info on biochemistry requirements, interview format and primary application screening and how DC applicants have fared in the 2010-11 application cycle. This information is then sorted in the documents below to facilitate review of each topic.
Info sorted by MCAT scores (high to low)


A 2014 Compilation by Bryn Mwar of Science Requirements Beyond "Usual" Biology/Chem/Physics/Math