NSS students will be receiving timely e-mail messages regarding announcement of internship possibilities, jobs and other extracurricular activities. This will be a compilation of all of these type of announcements beginning with the fall 2013 term and proceeding in chronological order.


September 12: Cancer Research Internships/St. Judes

September 19: Internships at National Cancer Institute

September 26: Comprehensive Rural Health Project/India

September 30: Max Planck Internships in Germany

October 2: Arole Fellowship in India for Accepted Medical Students

October 5: Close Concerns/Diabetes & Obesity/San Francisco

October 10: Fostering Change/Child Welfare/NYC

October 11: Emergency Medicine/Academic Associate/Long Island

October 17: Summer SUCCESS Program at Ohio State

October 24: Summer Medical & Dental Education Program

October 30: Project Healthcare/Bellevue Emergency Dept/NYC

October 30: Dartmouth Ears at DHMC/Winter & Spring Terms 2014

November 8: Summer Internship in Health Care Disparities/Michigan

November 9: Internship/Pediatric Obesity/NYC

November 20: New England Science Symposium

November 21: Global Health Corps

November 23: Frontier Nursing University Summer Courier Program

November 25: ROSE Summer Internship at University of Cincinnati

December 4: Case Western Reserve University Summer Research Opportunities

December 5: MD Summer Experience in Clinical Neurology, Emory University

December 5: STARS Program at Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston

December 13: Duke University Master of Science in Global Health

December 17: Child Family Health International

December 18: University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Research Opportunities

December 18: Children's Nat'l Medical Center/Early Care of Injured Children

December 19: Summer in Biomedical Sciences, University of Alabama Birmingham

December 19: University of Michigan Masters in Physiology

December 22: Summer Programs at Columbia

December 27: Clinical Research Coordinator/MGH/Boston/Mental Health


January 3: Stetson Powell Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Post-Grad Job

January 4: Summer Research Opportunities/Drexel/Public Health

January 8: Job/Hospital for Special Surgery/Manhattan/Rheumatology

January 10: Job/MGH/Boston/Depression Clinical & Research Program

January 16: Tucker Foundation Fellowships for Off-Term Opportunities

January 16: Unite for Sight

January 17: Job/Medical Assistant Position – Rapaport Plastic Surgery, NYC

January 18: Research Assistand/Rockefeller University/NYC

January 18: Research Assistant/Brigham & Women's/Boston?Cardiovascular Lab

January 22: Rosewell Park Cancer Institute Summer Research Fellowships

January 31: University of Pittsburgh/Computer Modeling of Infectious Diseases

February 3: MGH Eating Disorders Program Summer Fellowships

February 3: Drexel Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

February 3: Christian Health Center/Chicago

February 5: Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition Internship

February 5: Boston University Center for Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy Internship

February 8: Health2 Resources Internship/Job/Washington DC

February 19: Nyaya Health/NYC

February 19: Summer Programs at UCLA

February 21: UAID in Haiti

February 25: Cohen's Childrens Medical Center of NY Internships

February 28: FACETS Program at Harvard School of Public Health

March 1: Post-Grad Research Job/Hematology/Boston Children's Hospital

March 5: Post-Grad Research Job/Clinical Neuroscience/Boston/BIDMC

March 7: DHMC Memory Clinic Gap Year Opportunity

March 7: National Association of Research Associates Internships & Post-Grad Positions

March 11: Post-Grad Job/Dermatology Assistant/Annapolis, MD

March 17: Academic Associate/Emergency Dept/St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital/NYC

March 20: DHMC Patient Support Corps

March 20: Harvard Summer Research Program in Kidney Medicine

March 22: Colorado Premed Emergency & Wilderness Medicine Program

April 10: Post-Grad Research Positions in Medical Oncology/Boston

April 10: Post-Grad Clinical Coordinators in Women's Health & Aging (Link 1; Link 2)

April 10: Summer Clinical Practice Training Program/Brooklyn (additional info)

April 13: Post-Grad Mid-Atlantic/Health Care Health Care Ambassador

April 13: Post-Grad Research/Dana-Farber Cancer Center/Boston

April 13: Post-Grad/Health Informatics/Memorial-Sloan Kettering/NYC

April 18: Fall Term Fellowships/Close Concerns/Diabetes/San Francisco

April 24: Post-Grad Job Opportunity/Anesthesiology/UPenn

April 25: Post-Grad Job Opportunity/Partners in Health/Haiti

A;pril 29: Post-Grad Job Opportunity: Health for America Fellowships

May 8: Post-Grad Job Opportunity: Verisk Health Care Consulting

May 8: Post-Grad Job Opportunity: Fellowship/Dartmouth Instittute for Health Policy

May 8: Summer Internship: Little Earth Community Health Initiative

July 7: Dartmouth Partners in Community Service and Tucker Fellowships in Global Health and Social Justice

July 8: American Mock World Health Organization Conference/UNC

July 22: Close Concerns/Dartmouth Fellows Program/Winter Term 2015/San Francisco

July 30: Off-term Internship with Dartmouth Alum/Hospice Care/Southern California

August 17: Summer Internship/American Heart Association Founder's Affiliate

September 17: Cancer Treatment Centers of America Post-Grad Fellowship

September 20: Tucker Fondation Winter & Spring Internships

September 27: C. Everett Koop Scholars Program in Addiction Studies

September 27: Global Health Initiative at Dartmouth Internships for 15W & 15S

September 30: Winter Interim Remote EMT Course

October 10: SUCCESS Summer Research Program at Ohio State University

Ocotber 15: DHMC Patient Support Corps

Ocotber 28: Colorado Emergency & Wilderness Medicine Internship

Ocotber 29: BCMP Summer Scholars Research Program at Harvard Medical School

October 29: Post-Graduates Soros Foundation Fellowships for New Americans

October 29: Master of Science in Anesthesia (Case Western Reserve)

November 7: MD/PhD Summer Programs at Weill Cornell and Michigan

November 12: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Craniofacial Biology at USC

November 13: NIH-Amgen Summer Scholars Program

November 15: SUCCESS Summer Research Program at Ohio State

November 18: Duke Master of Science in Global Health

November 22: Summer Research Opportunities at Penn State and at St. Jude Research Hospital

November 26: Close Concerns/Diabetes & Obesity/San Francisco: Post-Grad Associate and Spring Term 2015Internship

December 2: Summer Enhancement Program at Virginia Commonweath University

December 2: Summer Programs in Optometry

December 3: Thayer School Research Summer Internships/Infectious Disease

December 3: SRF Summer Scholars Program/Regenerative Medicine

December 3: Informulary Off-Term Internships and Post-Grad Analyst Job/Hanover

December 4: Post-Graduate Research Assistant/Clinical Pediatrics/ Long Island, NY

December 5: Clinical Pediatric Research Summer Internship/Hackensack, NJ

December 5: MD-SEE Summer Program/Clinical Neurology/Emory University

December 5: Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp Volunteer/New Hampshire

December 10: Post-Grad Opportunity: Global Health Corps

December 13: Post-Grad Opportunity: Match Corps

December 13: Post-Grad Opportunity: National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute Research Fellowships

December 19: Summer Internships/University of Alabama at Birmingham

December 23: Summer Equity Clinical & Research Internship/Oregon Health & Science University

December 27: UC Berkeley Amgen Summer Scholars Research Program

December 30 Post-Grad Opportunity: Hospital for Special Surgery NYC/Clinical Research Assistant/Arthritis & Total Joint Replacement

December 31: Post-Grad Opportunity: Program in Nutritional Metabolism/Clinical Research Coordinator/Massachusetts General Hospital

December 31: Summer Internship: Bellevue Hospital Emergency Dept/Project Healthcare/NYC


January 1: Post-Grad Opportunity: Orthopedics Clinical Intern/Burbank, CA

January 3: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Quality Control Research Assistant/Hospital for Special Surgery/NYC

January 6: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Massachusetts General Hospital/Center for Women's Mental Health

January 6: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Pain Management Clinic/Brooklyn, NYC

January 8: Summer Internship: Austin Riggs Center/Psychiatry/Stockbridge, MA

January 8: Winter/Spring Term Elective: Living with Dementia

January 8: Summer Research Internship: Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine

January 8: Discover Dental Medicine Summer Scholars Program/SUNY Stony Brook

January 11: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Research Assistant/Rockefeller University/NYC

January 11: Summer Research Internship for Students with MD/PhD Interest/NYC

January 13: Post-Grad Job Opportunity: Global Health Corp Fellowships

January 13: Post-Grad Job Opportunity: Mobile Mentors/Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation/Boston

January 15: Summer Research Opportunities: Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

January 17: Geisel MD-PhD Undergraduate Summer (MPUS) Fellowship Program

January 18: Post-Graduate Degree Program: Master of Science in Global Health/Duke

January 18: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Academic Associate/Emergency Medcicine/Long Island

January 21: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Walter Reed Hospital/Research Assistant/Clinical Research/Amputees

January 21: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Medical Assistant Position – Rapaport Plastic Surgery, NY, NY

January 24: Summer Internship Opportunity: Urban Medicine/NJ

January 30: Summer Opportunties: Univeristy of Pittsburgh Academic Enrichment and Research Programs

January 31: Summer Opportunity: MD-SEE/Clinical Neurology/Emory

January 31: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Health Policy Fellow/Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice

February 4: Summer Opportunity: Close Concerns Dartmouth Fellow/San Francisco

February 6: Summer Job Opportunity: Summer Experience at Dartmouth (SEAD)

February 7: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Institute of Medicine/Health Policy/Washington, DC

February 10: Post-Graduate Degree Program: Medical Humanities/University of Rochester

February 10: Summer Research Opportunity: Genetics/Genomics Research Education And Training /Baylor/Application Info/Brochure

February 19: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Alzheimer's Disease Research/Boston University

February 19: Summer Opportunity: Phamacyclics/Sunnyvale, CA

February 19: Summer Opportunity: OptoCamp?Berkeley, CA

February 19: Summer Opportunity: Therapeutic Camp Counselor/Hartford, VT

February 20: Post-Graudate Opportunity: Grassroot Soccer/Africa

February 21: Summer Opportunity: Biostatistics/Columbia University

February 22: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Lawndale Christian Health Center/Chicago

February 25: Summer Opportunity: Clinical Research, Cohen Children's Medical Center/Long Island /Application/Internships Descriptions

February 27: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Pediatric Otolaryngology/Boston Children's Hospital

February 27: Summer Opportunity: Research Internship/UMass Medical Center

March 2: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Sports Medicine Research/Colorado

March 6: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Teaching Science Fellow at Dartmouth

March 11: Summer Opportunity: Camden (NJ) Coalition of Health Care Providers Internship

March 11: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Research/Cost-Effectiveness & AIDS Complications/MGH/Boston

March 12: Post-Graduate Opporunity: Clinical Research/Orthopedics/MGH/Boston

March 13: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Clnical Research/Celiac Disease/Boston Children's Hospital

March 17: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Research Associate/Drug Discovery/Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

March 18: Spring Term "Remote" Internship: American College of Medical Toxicology

March 19: Post-Graduate Opportunity: Cardiovascular Research Center/MGH/Boston

March 23: Post-Graduate Post-Bacc Opporunity: Complementary & Intergrative Medicine/Georgetown

March 28; Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Epic/Healthcare Software/Wisconsin

April 11: Summer Internship: Women's Mental Health/Massachusetts General Hospital/Boston

April 17: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Camden Coalition of Health Care Providers

April 19: Fall/Winter Internship: Patents in Life Sciences/San Francisco

April 21: Post-Graduate & Internship Opportunities: National Alliance of Research Associates Program/Post-Grad/Internship

April 25: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Dartmouth Health Connect

May 10: On-Campus Summer Internship: Visualizing Facial Difference

May 12: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Orthopedics & Arthritis Research/Boston

May 27: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Clinical Research/Traumatic Encephalopathy/Boston

May 27: Summer Internship: Dartmouth Center for Health Equity

June 4: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Orthopedics Reseach/Hospital for Special Surgery/NYC

June 16: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: PatientsLikeMe/Cambridge, MA

June 24: Post-Graduate Job Opportunity: Brain Trauma Foundation/NYC

August 13: Off-term Internship: Horseshoe Farms/Community Mental Health