Included here is a general descriptor of the exam, links to important information about the current exam and the "new" MCAT exam which will debut in April, 2015. There is also a link to the MCAT schedule for 2014 & 2015 schedule, to a survey of how Dartmouth students have prepared & to a compilation of costs involved, to a podcast/PP slides of a presentation made on the 2015 exam and to the AAMC web site information. Links to the Kaplan, Princeton Review and ExamKrackers web sites also included for those students who want to seek prepartory help in this way. There is also a link to Khan Academy Tutorials. It is always worth discussing with Lee Witters or Sarah Berger the timing of this exam, how you will prepare for it and how to interpret your scores.


The AAMC MCAT site (comprehensive overview of the exam)

MCAT Basics: A PP set

MCAT 2014 Schedule (thorough January, 2015 when switch to new exam)

MCAT 2014 Registration Information and Fee Schedule

MCAT: How Nathan Smith Society students prepare (a survey)

2014 MCAT Study Materials (a compilation assembled by Yoo Jun Kim 14 of the preparation materials/modes available and their costs)


MCAT 2015: A podcast & PP set

MCAT 2015: Content Description

MCAT 2015: Administration Dates

MCAT 2015: Interactive Tool Reviewing Content

Help in MCAT Preparation: Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers, Khan Academy

Medical School Policies Regarding Scores from Present and 2015 MCAT Exams (as of 8/13/14; best to check with school of interest)


MCAT Preparation Materials for Sale: