The Health Professions Program is headquartered in the Parker House. The two pre-health advisors are Sarah Berger (Parker House) and Dr. Lee Witters (office is in 122 Life Sciences Cente; appointment onlyr). Annette Hamilton (Parker House)) is the HPP administrative coordinator and is the primary person involved in the collection of credential necessary at the time of application.

Sarah offers walk-in office hours 4 times per week (see home page for this term's schedule). We urge all students to FIRST use the walk-in hours. If, after you have used these hours and seek a longer app't, call Annette Hamilton (646-3377) and she will schedule you with Sarah in another time slot. If questions are only about the processing of letters of evaluation and Interfolio, contact Annette. If off-campus and need a phone/Skype app't, you can schedule one by e-mailing Dr. Witters. He also offers appointments to students on campus.

The student leadership of the Nathan Smith Society is drawn from all four undergraduate classes at Dartmouth. Professor Lee Witters is the faculty advisor. 25-30 such students comprise the Executive Committee which meets at least twice per term to plan and execute our many activities and programs. New members for this committee are sought every winter term by application. Each term features two coordinators and a treasurer. Suggestions for NSS activities are always welcome by the committee. Email them with your ideas.

Link here to view the current NSS Executive Committee (updated July, 2015 )and learn more about them.