Why the NSS Blackboard Site and What is It?

The NSS Blackboard Site is a complement to this site, which permits easy access to some basic information from your Blackboard home page AND provides a great forum for peer interchange of information through posting of questions, sharing a great pre-health experience, and helping in planning for NSS programs. Students must "self-enroll" to gain access to this site through Blackboard.

Instructions for "Self-Enrolling" in the NSS Blackboard Site

  1. Log into Blackboard the usual way
  2. On your home page, locate 'Tools' box on the left.
  3. Click on 'Organization Directory'
  4. Search for 'smith'
  5. You will see the Organization ID (ORG.students.coso.nathan-smith-society) ; click on the dropdown chevron
  6. Click on 'Enroll' (check out pic below to see what it will look like)


After you do this, the Nathan Smith Society should appear on your BB home page in the box labeled 'My Organizations'. If such a box does not appear, click on the 'Modify Content' button in the upper right corner of your BB home page and enable 'My Organizations". If a problem, send a blitz to Lee Witters.

Note: Once you self-enroll, you will not be able to 'un-enroll' on your own. To do this, send a blitz to Lee Witters.