Norman Levy's home page

Norman Levy's home page

Gee! Did I just say that? How out of character! Welcome to the Norman Levy Website. I am a Hematopathologist at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon New Hampshire, and most of this page will relate to Medicine and Pathology. If these subjects are not your cup of tea, step here.

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The Department of Pathology offers a full range of anatomic and clinical laboratory services, including unique consultation services to regional physicians and laboratories. These include:

Diagnostic flow cytometry-Norman Levy, MD, Director- surface phenotypic analysis of lymphomas and leukemias, surface phenotypic characterization of immunodeficiency states, DNA content analysis, reticulocyte quantitation, and detection of platelet associated immunoglobulin

Immunohistochemistry-Vincent Memoli, MD, Director- over 200 antibodies available for diagnostic, prognostic and research use

Cytogenetics-TK Mohandas, PhD, Director- classic cytogenetic diagnostic services, plus fluoresence in situ hybridization, under special circumstances

Molecular diagnostics-Walter W. Noll, MD, Director- Southern blot and PCR based protocols for the detection of B and T cell gene rearrangements, Bcr/abl and Bcl2/JH translocations, Fragile X, Multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 2 (MEN 2) RET mutations, Factor V Leiden mutation, and Pertussis

Coagulation disorders-Robert.B.Fairweather, MD, PhD, Director- Consultation on medical and surgical bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

Rippel Electron Microscope Facility-Charles.P.Daghlian, PhD, Director- Research and diagnostic facility offering transmission and scanning electron microscopy, Xray spectrometry (EDS), and image analysis.

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Lab Talk- the Department of Pathology quarterly newsletter is now available online in Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe's cross-platform document format. To view PDF documents, you need Adobe's free Reader, or the full Adobe Acrobat program. The Reader is available on the DHMC Public server, or can be downloaded from Adobe.

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