Open source software for multi-modal optical molecular imaging
Release notes

NIRFASTSlicer version 1.0.1, Date of release: 12/8/2016

* Fix File I/O error when running the CreateMesh module (missing ._out.mesh file) documented here.

* Expose "cell size" and "facet size" options in the CreateMesh module interface for mesh creation

* Correct handling of default output directory for certain versions of MATLAB.

* Correct "Add Path To Matlab" module to replace the path to NIRFAST-Matlab in MATLAB search path instead of appending it.

NIRFAST-Slicer 1.0.1 ships with the same version of NIRFAST-Matlab (9.0) as the previous release.

Jared Vicory - Kitware, Inc.
Alexis Girault - Kitware, Inc.
Scott Davis - Dartmouth College