Funding Historical Records Projects

The New Hampshire Local Records Education Project recognizes that the preservation and access to historical records requires funding. Listed below are some federal, state, and private organizations that fund projects related to historical records.

While project staff cannot write grant proposals for organizations, here a few tips:

  • In a one-page letter, contact a program officer or trustee stating your project idea and inquire whether they would consider a proposal.
  • Some of the federal sources listed below focus on making grants to small repositories. Don't think your organization is too small for federal funding until you have explored the options.
  • Read the application materials carefully. Contact a program officer or trustee if there is something you don't understand.
  • Grant writing is making a case for your project and why it should be funded. Make the strongest case you can.
  • Clear, concise writing is the key to successful proposals and applications.
  • Keep trying. Solid proposals are not always funded on the first effort.

For more information and tips see the Internet Nonprofit Center, particularly its FAQ pages on grants and grant writing.

Internet Nonprofit Center

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Last updated: 2/10/05