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Radio, Television capability

Dartmouth has its own broadcast-quality radio and television studios, which are used primarily by members of the news media to conduct remote or in-person interviews with Dartmouth experts.

Location: Office of Public Affairs
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 201
Hanover, N.H. 03755

To book: (603) 646-8860

Dartmouth does not charge a studio fee for interviews with sources affiliated with the College. If you need assistance identifying a Dartmouth expert, please contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Depending on availability, the studios may also be used by interviewees not affiliated with Dartmouth. Fees of $150/hour for the radio studio and $500/hour for the TV studio apply.


Radio studioDartmouth's ISDN studio can accommodate both live and recorded radio interviews and podcasts.

During each interview, the studio is manned by an Office of Public Affairs staff member. While staff members are trained in basic studio operations, they are not broadcast engineers. Therefore, line tests are strongly encouraged prior to live interviews.

Radio Studio Equipment Details:

ISDN numbers: (603) 643-0697 and (603) 643-2928
Studio landline number (only staffed during interviews): (603) 646-0913

Telos Systems' Zephyr Xstream codec:

  • Supports the MPEG AAC, Layer-2, Layer-3 and G.722 coding standards
  • Automatically adapts to incoming signal
  • Further technical details on the Zephyr Xstream section of the Telos website
  • The radio station should call Dartmouth and send a mix-minus signal.


Television studioDartmouth has partnered with VideoLink to provide reliable, responsive television shots via a ReadyCam® studio and direct satellite uplink. This setup allows for both live broadcasts and taped segments.

VideoLink operates shots remotely, with a Dartmouth representative in the studio to assist the guest.

Once you have booked the television studio with Dartmouth, you must call VideoLink at (617) 340-4300 to schedule the satellite uplink.

TV Studio Equipment Details:

  • This is a fixed satellite uplink location on AMC 15 digital and must be an odd transponder horizontal up, vertical polarity down.
  • Networks have the option to book either non-MHz or 6 MHz.
  • For technical questions – routing details, coordination numbers, etc. – please call or email VideoLink, provided you have already booked the studio with Dartmouth.

Last Updated: 3/11/15