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Nationwide salary survey: Dartmouth graduates are #1 with the highest median salaries 10-20 years out

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Posted 08/08/08 • Media Contact: Latarsha R. Gatlin • (603) 646-3661 

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Top employers for Dartmouth's Class of 2008 were McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Teach for America and the Peace Corps

Dartmouth College graduates rank #1 when it comes to earning power 10 years out of school, according to a new study of pay for graduates of 300 colleges and universities.

Graduates of America's smallest and most rural Ivy League school have the highest median salary, $134,000, 10-20 years out of college, according to the 2008 Education and Salary Report compiled by

Dartmouth graduates have the highest median salary, $134,000, 10-20 years out of college


Princeton University alumni finished a close second with a median compensation of $131,000.

The top four employers for Dartmouth's Class of 2008 were McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Teach for America and the Peace Corps.

Many Dartmouth graduates do well by doing good. Because a significant number begin their careers at non-profits, recent Dartmouth graduates often earn slightly less than their contemporaries. "Big Green" alumni with less than five years of work experience averaged a yearly compensation of $58,000, ranking seventh out of the Ivies and 19th overall. 

"The Dartmouth environment produces self-motivated, adaptive indviduals. Dartmouth provides interdisciplinary learning, the opportunity to participate in faculty research, and experiential education beyond the classroom," said Monica Wilson, associate director of employer relations in Dartmouth's Career Services. "Combine this with an abundance of opportunities for foreign study abroad, community service and leadership training, and the result is a group of students who have broad perspectives and are well prepared for success in leadership roles across all disciplines and professions."

PayScale Inc., an online provider of global compensation information, spent a year compiling the data and surveyed 1.2 million bachelor's degree graduates using over 2,000 data points. The subjects represented more than 300 U.S. schools ranging from state institutions to the Ivy League. The survey's methodology excluded those with advanced degrees such as M.B.A.s, M.D.s and J.D.s., careers that require an advanced degree and those who are self-employed or work on a contract or project basis.

Mid-career employees are classified as full-time employees with 10 or more years of experience in their career or field. The median age of a mid-career employee was 42.  The median years of experience was 15.5.

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