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Dartmouth Cords to sing anthem at Red Sox game

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Posted 06/11/07 • Genevieve Haas • (603) 646-3661

The Dartmouth Cords, an all-male a cappella group, will perform the national anthem at Boston's storied Fenway Park on June 12 to open a Red Sox/Colorado Rockies game. The Cords, recognized by their trademark corduroy pants, were invited to sing the national anthem after performing the Neil Diamond classic "Sweet Caroline" at a stop on  their winter tour in Easton, Mass. A member of the audience with a business affiliation with the Red Sox was able to recommend the harmonious group to Fenway's anthem booker. [Listen to a sample of the Cords.]

The Dartmouth Cords
"The Dartmouth Cords" courtesy of John Beck '09

Cord member and Dartmouth sophomore Billy Corbett said the group is excited about the opportunity, and that while not all the current members of the group will be able to attend, a handful of alumni will be joining in to pick up the slack. Among those who will be on the field are at least four students from the Boston area, so "we definitely have our share of Sox fans," said Corbett.

The Cords typically perform alternative and pop hits, heavy on choreography and fun for the audience, said Corbett. For the national anthem, however, they plan to play it straight, with no choreography or "too many funky chords." Luckily for the group, they already had an arrangement of "The Star Spangled Banner" in their repertoire, which the group has performed in the past at Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat basketball games.

After the performance, the group will attend the game. Because it was their performance of "Sweet Caroline" that initially won them the gig, the group offered to perform that Red Sox crowd favorite as well, but were told "that song is reserved for Neil Diamond."

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