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Student animators showcase work at Festival of Student Animation Nov. 29

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Posted 11/29/06 • (603) 646-3661

Flights of Fancy
"Flights of Fancy" by Sonia Lei '08
Deus ex PlumeX
"Deus ex PlumeX" by Adam Belanich '08
View these student animations and more

The best work of Dartmouth student animators will be showcased in the 13th Festival of Student Animation Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. in Loew Auditorium.

The festival features the work of students in the Film 35 and 80 classes in Dartmouth's Department of Film and Television Studies.

Dartmouth has a rich history in animation: Animated films by Dartmouth students have been screened at film festivals in the United States and abroad, receiving honors and recognition, including the Student Academy Award and other prizes. Student films have also been aired on the Bravo and Cartoon Network cable channels.

While the work in the course is intense-at least 20 hours per week outside of class are spent working on the projects-it all comes down to what sophomore Carmen Kilpatrick of Atlanta simply calls "the magic."

"Because you invest so much time on each individual photograph, you can't really imagine what it's going to look like or whether or not it will even move the way you want it to, says Kilpatrick, who worked for nearly two full academic terms producing her four-minute film "The Outside In." "But when you hit 'play' and see it all come together-a series of perfect images-it is truly magic."

Junior Sonia Lei of Easton, CT, produced a two-minute film, "Flights of Fancy" which also will be shown at the festival. She says the most difficult part of the process is the focus and dedication required for the frame-by-frame creation of the film. "It can get hard to focus and stay dedicated to the project, especially with the other commitments we have as students. But when you see the final project it's really fulfilling and worthwhile."

"All of these students find the technique that feels right for them, and then forge ahead on  final projects that express deeply who they are as creative individuals, says animator and Visiting Professor of Film Studies David Ehrlich, who has taught the course since 1993. "Even in this elementary animation course, we can see a tremendous amount of talent, and some of these films will find their way to film festivals in the near future."

The festival will be emceed by Dartmouth juniors Anne Liu and Chad Detloff who will introduce the films and explain the process by which they are made. Before the festival, at 6:45, Dartmouth senior Ben Selznick and sophomore Nicholas Brown will provide live music leading up to the showing of the films.

The 13th Festival of Student Animation is free and open to the public.

Dartmouth has television (satellite uplink) and radio (ISDN) studios available for domestic and international live and taped interviews. For more information, call 603-646-3661 or see our Radio, Television capability webpage.

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