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Statements by Director of Athletics Jo Ann Harper and Acting Dean of the College Daniel M. Nelson, regarding altercation after Oct. 14 Dartmouth-Holy Cross football game

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Posted 10/19/06 • Roland Adams • (603) 646-3661

Statement by Dartmouth Director of Athletics Jo Ann Harper
Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have concluded a Dartmouth Athletics Department review of the altercation between the Dartmouth and Holy Cross football squads immediately following their Oct. 14 game on Dartmouth's Memorial Field.

It is obvious that many players and some staff of both teams were involved in this incident. While I have been unable to determine individual responsibility, I have told the Dartmouth players and staff that this type of behavior is unacceptable. I have subsequently shared with the Dean of the College Office all the information I have been able to gather, for review by that office.

We have emphasized to the team and the coaches that representing Dartmouth in intercollegiate competition is an honor and a privilege, one that is contingent on our confidence that individual players, staff and teams can conduct themselves in ways that represent our values of sportsmanship. We have also told them that the College will continue its review of the matter, and that any further behavior that undermines our confidence would call that privilege into question.

Coach Teevens, his staff and his players have acknowledged that the actions displayed Saturday were not in keeping with acceptable standards of behavior at Dartmouth, nor with the great traditions of Dartmouth football and Dartmouth athletics in general. They join me in apologizing to the Dartmouth community, the Holy Cross community and the public. All of us pledge to do our best to see that this behavior is not repeated by the Dartmouth football team or, for that matter, any Dartmouth athletes or teams.

Statement by Daniel M. Nelson, Dartmouth's Acting Dean of the College
Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like Dartmouth Athletics Director Jo Ann Harper and her colleagues in our athletics department, the Dartmouth administration is very disappointed that members of the Dartmouth football squad engaged in an altercation with members of the Holy Cross football team on the field after the conclusion of their game Saturday. We are determined to prevent any repetition of that conduct.

As Josie has announced, the Dartmouth Athletics Department review of this matter has been concluded, but the information available has not put that department in a position to accurately assess individual responsibility in this incident. The department has now turned the matter over to my office, where we will conduct a further review. If we determine that official sanctions by the College may be warranted against either individuals or the team as a whole, we will follow our usual process for institutional adjudication of such matters.

While we are conducting the further review, and while the Hanover Police Department is continuing its further review of the matter, I join Josie in saying that we expect completely sportsmanlike behavior by all Dartmouth athletes both within and outside the context of athletic contests.

Procedures for further review of Dartmouth-Holy Cross football altercation by Dartmouth's Dean of the College Office:
  • Information gathered by the Athletic Department is being shared with Dartmouth's Department of Safety and Security and Office of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs (UJAO). Any other information that Athletics might receive will also be shared.
  • The Department of Safety and Security will follow up with any additional investigation that may be needed.
  • All the relevant information in connection with this incident will be compiled by the UJAO and reviewed with staff in the Dean of the College Office, which will make a determination about whether the team and/or individual students will be charged with violations of the College's standards of conduct.
  • Possible violations of the standards of conduct will be addressed through the College's normal disciplinary process and in light of the College's statement about "Group Accountability" (2006-2007 Student Handbook, pg. 130-131;
  • Those standards of conduct, and our process for adjudicating alleged violations, are described in the "green pages" of the 2006-2007 Student Handbook (pp. 69-96;

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