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Dartmouth Commencement 2006

(Posted 06/11/06)

Honorary degree citation to Mae Jemison (Doctor of Science)
Mae Jemison
Mae Jemison

Asked by your kindergarten teacher what you wanted to be, you replied emphatically, "I want to be a scientist." When she responded, "Don't you mean a nurse?" You corrected her, "No, I mean a scientist." And a scientist you became as well as so much more. You earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and an M.D. from Cornell University. One of the select few chosen for astronaut training, as a science mission specialist on the 1992 space shuttle "Endeavor," you became the first woman of color to go into space.

We were honored in 1993 when you came to Dartmouth as a Montgomery Fellow, and for several years you held an appointment in our Environmental Studies Program. You organized the Jemison Institute for Advancing Technology in Developing Countries, and you are the founder and chair of the Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence, a non-profit organization that tackles global issues.

Making clear your personal commitment to its purposes, you have also served in the Peace Corps. You have become a champion of liberal arts education, you are truly an inspiring model for millions of young people around the world.

It is with profound gratitude for all that you have done to open up the world of science to people from different backgrounds, that Dartmouth awards you the degree Doctor of Science.

- James Wright

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