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Musical Connections

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Posted 05/11/06 • Susan Knapp (603) 646-3661

On Thursday, May 11, Professor Steve Swayne welcomed Pamyua to his course on American music. Pamyua, a musical group with Native American ties, was in Hanover to perform at the Hopkins Center in conjunction with Dartmouth's 34th annual Pow-Wow.

Pamyua's founders are Phillip and Stephen Blanchett, brothers of African-American and Eskimo descent, and their original music combines a cappella harmonies and tribal rhythms. In addition to their concert date, Pamyua made time to interact with students, thus the visit to Swayne's classroom.


Photos by Joseph Mehling '69

"This term I'm focusing on the classical tradition in American music, and this week we're studying Native Americans," says Swayne, an associate professor of music. "Although the people in Pamyua are not exactly classical musicians, they do provide an opportunity for exposure to Native Americans and how they navigate through the traditions they have inherited and the music they encounter today."

Pamyua's sound is a blend of mixed gospel, R&B, funk, and northern indigenous music. Swayne says that he welcomes the opportunity to introduce his students to live entertainers.

"The typical student interface with music is through an iPod or an MP3," he says. "It's striking to see students reacting to people who produce music; it changes their relationship to music once they see it being made."

Information on tickets to the May 12 Pamyua performance at 8 p.m. can be found on the Web or by calling (603) 646-2422.

More information about the Pow-Wow can be found on their Web site.

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