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Dartmouth Commencement 2005

Posted 06/12/05

Honorary degree citation to Thomas H. Kean (Doctorate of Laws)
Thomas H. Kean
Thomas H. Kean

At a time of grievous national trauma, you accepted President Bush's request that you co-chair the National Commission on the Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. You and your colleagues gained the public's trust, ensuring thorough research into the 9/11 attacks as well as a full review of security issues. And you have made clear that you will continue to advocate your recommendations.

"A man of integrity," "fair-minded," "nobody's puppet," and "a seeker of truth," are expressions that have been used to describe you - qualities that were critical for the National Commission's assignment. You championed bipartisan dialog and shared ideals, and the final report was firm, substantive, courageous - and literate.

While your period of work on the 9/11 Commission has brought you more into the national spotlight, your record of public service is of considerably longer duration, coupled with high accomplishment. You served as a New Jersey Assemblyman, as a two-term Governor of your state, as the chair of the Republican Governors Association, and as a member of President Clinton's Initiative on Race - these among other roles. And you now have fifteen years as the President of Drew University, an institution that you have led to renewed strength, visibility, and distinction. 

Today you join your son Thomas, of the Class of 1990, in what we in these parts immodestly think of as being pretty good company - the Dartmouth fellowship. Now with your membership therein, that company becomes the stronger. Dartmouth is honored to recognize your many accomplishments by conveying to you its Doctorate of Laws.

- James Wright

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