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In Memoriam: David T. McLaughlin, President Emeritus of Dartmouth College (1932-2004)

Posted 08/26/04

David T. McLaughlin, the 14th President of Dartmouth
In the Wheelock Succession: President McLaughlin with (left) John G. Kemeny, 13th President of Dartmouth; and James O. Freedman, 15th Dartmouth President -- shortly before Freedman's inauguration in 1987.
(Credit: Stuart Bratesman '75, Dartmouth College)

'54's 50th: President Emeritus McLaughlin addresses fellow members of the Class of '54 on Baker Lawn as keynote speaker at their 50th reunion, June 12, 2004.
(Credit: Flying Squirrel Graphics.)

President Emeritus McLaughlin and a canine friend named Sam, on campus in 1986.
(Credit: Stuart Bratesman '75, Dartmouth College.)
David T. McLaughlin, the 14th President of Dartmouth
President Emeritus McLaughlin (left) with current Dartmouth President James Wright (center) and Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Philippe De Montebello, at a June, 2004 reception for Dartmouth's honorary degree recipients.
(Credit: Joseph Mehling '69, Dartmouth College Photographer.)

Undergraduate days: President Emeritus McLaughlin (#85, center) was a record-setting end on the Big Green football team.
(Courtesy Dartmouth College Archives.)

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